extra information

FreeHdBoot startup

flowchart LR A[PS2] -->|activates| B[HDD]; B -->|then| C[MBR.KELF execution]; C -->|Performs| D{HDD integrity check}; D -->|If| E[errors detected]; D -->|if| G[No errors detected]; E -->|executes| F[FSCK]; G -->|Executes| H[FreeHdBoot];

Space usage on freshly formatted drive

pie title Space usage "__mbr" : 128 "__net" : 128 "__system" : 256 "__sysconf" : 512 "__common" : 1024

Partition layout

graph TB subgraph partition APAHEAD[APA Header] PARTBODY[Partition Body] APAHEAD === PARTBODY end
  • APA Header a ~5Mb area wich can holds special files, commonly used for displaying nad executing software, via HDD-OSD or PSBBN Contents can be:
  • icon.sys: Holds icon display information, like it's memory card counterpart, the difference is tha this one is text based, not binary
  • system.cnf: holds program execution data for this partition
  • icon.ico: same as memory card counterpart. icon displayed on browser
  • delete.ico: icon desplayed when user selects the delete option, shown during the promt and the delete animation
  • boot.kelf: encripted PS2 ELF program, only useful if PATINFO command was passed into the boot parameter of system.cnf (a KELF stored on PFS filesystem is also possible, by passing pfs:PATH/ as boot parameter
  • boot.kirx: encrypted IRX file to be executed when partition is executed, useles unless a valid boot.kelf was passed, and inside system.cnf the IOPRP parameter must be assigned the PATINFO command too

  • Partition body
  • the partition body, with it's corresponding filesystem according to the usage (eg: __mbr has no filesystem, most partitions use PFS, linux partitions use ReiserFS, atc…)