Menu Options

  • Install: Performs a normal installation of FMCB. Offers three modes:
    • Normal: install FMCB for the PS2.
    • Cross-model: Install FMCB for all models within the region of the PS2.
    • Cross-region: Install FMCB for all PS2s, across all regions.
  • Multi-Install: - Performs a traditional "multi" installation of FMCB. A multi-installation can boot on all consoles of any region, and not only on the console it was installed with. However, this method is not recommended because it involves corrupting the memory card.
  • Uninstall FMCB: - Removes a normal installation of FMCB from a memory card.
  • Uninstall MI: - Uninstalls a multi-installation, turning it back into a normal FMCB installation.
  • Exit: - Exits the installer and returns back to the OSDSYS menu.

extra menu

  • install FMCB (PSX): installs FreeMcBoot into a special path for the PSX-DVR consoles
  • install FHDB: Installs FreeHdBoot into the console internal HDD
  • uninstall FHDB: Uninstalls FreeHdBoot from the internal HDD
  • format HDD: Format the HDD and creates the basic partition structure

MC management menu

  • Format MC: Formats a Memory Card.
  • Dump MC: Dumps a Memory Card to an image inside installer's directory.
  • Restore MC: Restores a Memory Card from an image located in the installer's directory.

The custom installers provided here where made user-friendly, now, the normal install variants won’t have the names you saw here, instead, it tells you in wich models it will work