Multi install

If you make a multi-install, do not delete any of the B?EXEC-SYSTEM folders or any of the osd*.elf files inside them!

Doing so might result in data loss. Do not delete uninstall.dat from the SYS-CONF folder either, or you will probably be stuck with the multi-install files forever.

Also, multi install has proven to be capable of causing random corruptions of the memory card, unlike the normal install, Wich is safer.

FreeHdBoot install

Make sure to format the HDD with wLaunchELF 4.43x_isr before installing FreeHdBoot, DON'T USE WINHIIP OR ANY OTHER OUTDATED TOOL.

List of Conflictive Modchips:

  • Mars Pro GM-816-HD: OSD freezes when its about to render the menu items
  • DMS4 toxic os based clones: OSDSYS hacking crashes
  • Matrix 1.99: Breaks ELF loader of FreeMcBoot 1.966