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HDL Batch Installer

A windows GUI for installing PS2 Games and managing a PS2 APA formatted Hard Drive

since a long time. the PS2 homebrew community needed a good tool to manage PS2 Internal HDD games. This program is the solution to all those issues. Since it is capable of doing all that you might need in a quite easy to use UI

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Currently Implemented features:

  • Install multiple Games at once
  • Extract multiple Games at once
  • Automatically assign the original Game Title before Installation
  • Inject MBR.KELF into the HDD
  • Rename Game
  • View game information
  • Extract MBR program from HDD
  • Download Artwork, Widescreen Cheats and Game settings for OPL
  • Massive KELF and icon injection to every installed game
  • Mount any PFS Partition as if it was a windows supported storage device
  • Automatically transfer Downloaded files to mounted partition with 1 click (use only on OPL data partition)
  • Batch game transfer between two ps2 HDDs
  • Delete and create Partitions
  • Format any Hard Drive into the required format

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